Saturday, August 18, 2012

Golden Wok @ I-35 & Parmer

Golden Wok offers Pan Asian cuisine on a great environment and at a great value. They also have Dim-Sum which it is one of my favorite Asian foods even though we didn’t get any at this time. We arrived there past noon and we were quickly sited on our table. There is always plenty of space and rarely; you have to wait for a table. The restaurant has a very pleasant modern Asian decoration with a bar for stir fries by the entrance.
The great value of the lunch resides on the daily lunch special. This is different on each day and it will depend on your taste whether a better option is offered for you. You can look at their web site to find out their daily specials menu. On Thursdays, the special is Beef Pepper Steak which includes fried rice, egg roll, soup and drink. We all ordered the special even though one of us defied changing it by substituting Ice Tea for a Dr. Pepper. Unfortunately, this change will cause the value of the lunch to dilute and get an extra couple dollars on his final check.
The lunch starts with an egg drop soup which is accompanied with a type of fried chips that can be added to your soup or just eat like snack. Just in time after finishing our soup, our main plate arrived. This is a very generous portion of fried rice and beef pepper steak with pimientos and onions. The food is good, it is not an incredible taste but it is just what you should expect from an Asian food restaurant. I can tell you that I couldn’t finish my portion since just on the fried rice side; it seems that a pound of rice is served.
The service is normally good, fast and the server is always refilling your tea. Unfortunately, on this occasion the different type of drink (Dr. Pepper) was left forgotten and it had to be reminded at least twice to get it refill. Not only you get an extra charge for this small change on the daily special but you get less refills than the normal ice tea.
In summary, the value combination of food, amount, quality, price and service is difficult to beat as long as you keep yourself on the daily special. It is an option that can satisfy even our “Spare Rib” friend hungry which let me tell you, it is not easy to make him feel full.

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